A seamless but powerful extra layer of security with two-factor authentication

Frictionless Security for Your Apps

Your app will be safer than ever with WhatsAuth's 2FA.

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Give your users the security they deserve with the best two-factor authentication for your apps

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To integrate to your app
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Cheaper than other methods


Enhance the security of your platform by adding an extra layer of protection with WhatsAuth's two-factor authentication. Safeguard your users' accounts against unauthorized access without the need for complicated setups or additional hardware. Up your security game with our unique authentication flow.



Build trust with your users by offering a secure authentication solution. WhatsAuth's two-factor authentication ensures the integrity of your users' accounts, fostering a sense of reliability and confidence in your platform.



Implement robust two-factor authentication (2FA) effortlessly with WhatsAuth. Our seamless WhatsApp authentication flow streamlines the process, making it simple and more secure than other methods.



Say goodbye to complex authentication procedures. With WhatsAuth, your users can enjoy a frictionless experience, ensuring their accounts are well-protected without any frustration.

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