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How Credits Works?

This credit charging scheme involves different actions or features associated with using a verification service, and each action incurs a certain credit cost:

Code Generation: When you request a verification code, it costs 2 credits.
Webhook Execution: When our system notifies your endpoint about a change in validation status, it costs 1 credit.
Standard Usage: Both the code generation and webhook execution together amount to 3 credits.

Additional features that can consume credits:

QR Code Inclusion: If you include a QR code in the request, it costs an extra 0.5 credits.
Restricted Phone Numbers: If you specify a list of authorized numbers for validation, it costs an extra 0.5 credits.
Text Response to Validation: If the service responds with a text message to the user, it incurs a higher cost of 5 credits. This typically happens within a WhatsApp conversation.

So, when you perform a validation, you might have various combinations of these features that add up to the total credit cost. For instance, a standard validation (without any extras) would be 3 credits, but if you include a QR code and specify authorized numbers, it would be 4 credits (3 + 0.5 + 0.5).
If a text response is also sent, it would be an additional 5 credits, making it 9 in total (3 + 0.5 + 0.5 + 5).

These different actions or features add to the overall cost of using the validation service, allowing you to choose which features you need based on your requirements.

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