Frequently asked questions

WhatsAuth is for WhatsApp or SMS?

WhatsAuth can be used for both SMS and WhatsApp.

Do I need my own Whatsapp number?

No, we provide you with a number either for your OTP validations by SMS or WhatsApp.

How do you secure the data?

We use the industry standard for transport and storage layer (TLS 1.3 and AES 256). However you don't need to store any sensitive data in our systems, only reference to your own service and resources

What does each Credit means?

Each Credit equals the use of the microservices within the validation flow.
The microservices are:
-Code generation: 2 Credits
-Webhook: 1 Credit
-QR generation: 0,5 Credits
-Validation to restricted number (2FA): 0.5 Credits
-Outbound response to validation: 5 Credits

Example: A standard use validation uses code generation and webhook, therefore uses 3 Credits. 3 Credits = 1 Validation

Can I do a proof of concept without commitment?

Yes, all the accounts include 150 credits for free to try WhatsAuth.

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