Registration and Login with WhatsApp and SMS in your applications

In a connected world, it is increasingly common for people to use their cell phones to access online applications and services. One of the most popular ways to do this is by using login or registration via WhatsApp or SMS.Implementing a Login with WhatsApp or SMS is very simple with WhatsAuth, having this feature delivers important advantages for you and your users. As a company, offering WhatsApp or SMS enrollment gives you a very valuable piece of information about your customers, a reliable phone number, and gives your users a number of advantages such as:

1. Easy access: Unlike other login methods, such as using email and password, login via WhatsApp or SMS is simple and easy to use. Users only need to have a cell phone and an Internet connection to access the application or service.

2. Increased security: By using WhatsApp or SMS login, users are prevented from sharing their passwords with third parties. In addition, by using a phone number for registration, the risk of phishing is reduced.

3. Increased privacy: By using login via WhatsApp or SMS, users do not have to share their email address or personal information with the application or service. This can be especially important for those who want to maintain their privacy online.

4. Increased convenience: Login in via WhatsApp or SMS is quick and easy. Users do not have to remember a password or wait to receive a confirmation email to access the application or service.

In short, login or registration via WhatsApp or SMS offers a number of advantages, such as ease of access, increased security, privacy and convenience and in return, it organically delivers to you the verified phone number of your users and customers. Therefore, it is an increasingly popular option among developers of applications and online services.

Implementing Login with WhatsApp or SMS is easier than ever with WhatsAuth, contact us and we will support you with your Proof of Concept or implementation.

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